Who we are

Bagus is a social promotion association based in Cortina d’Ampezzo, but already active nationally and internationally thanks to some collaborations.
We are a young reality, because newly established, new also from the point of view of the range of content that can share and on which it can work. At the organizational level, moreover, we have a very new and dynamic way of setting up our work, with precise roles that are entrusted to projects according to our own potential and ability.

Why the name Bagus?
It is a name that intrigues, because it doesn’t seem to mean anything, but in reality, it is a polysemantic adjective of the Indonesian language that embodies all the positive meanings.
Hence Bagus means: good, beautiful, great, fantastic, cool, fair, wonderful, safe, positive.
The strength of Bagus APS is that it has no boundaries and does not follow limits, because the only limit is what we want to put to ourselves.
The association is open to all, without distinction of sex, is non-party, non-denominational and non-profit.
To become a member, you need to receive an invitation, but to start with “sharing good”, you can just write us to ask how to cooperate with us and support us in our initiatives.

We are waiting for you!

Our team

Katia Tafner


Kristian Ghedina

Kristian Ghedina

Honorary member

Lilli lanaro


Gaia Di Gallo

Gaia Di Gallo

Social Projects

Francesca Briccoli

francesca broccoli