Bagus and “La Cura Sono Io” united with a photo shooting in support of cancer patients

We decided to remember the day dedicated to women, 8thMarch, with women and in support of women.
This is how a great collaboration was born with the non-profit organization “La Cura Sono Io” by Maria Teresa Ferrari, which saw 30 women protagonists of an amazing photo shooting at 2752 meters on the terrace of the Lagazuoi refuge.
The initiative fits into the context of il Rifugio La Stampa in collaboration with the Fondazione Cortina 2021, which held also two conferences at the Alexander Hall with guests such as Ferrari, Gabriella Pravettoni professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Milan and Elena Fanchini, member of the italian ski team who has overcome the tumor, all presented by Luca Ubaldeschi, director of Secolo XIX and coordinator of the GNN events.
Women protagonists and models for a day, together with the headdreasses designed by Ferrari for cancer patients.
“When I faced the illness, I realized that the hats that were on sale for women who had cancer were rather sad and above all clearly remembered a sick patient. Thus, it was born the idea of ​​creating something that would allow women to continue to feel beautiful even during the difficult moments that can happen in life, as in these cases” said Maria Teresa Ferrari, president of “La Cura Sono Io”.
“I believe that the right to beauty is expressed perfectly with the idea that Maria Teresa Ferrari proposes with her hats. Even just wearing a garment that allows us to feel better in difficult times must be an open choice for everyone. The positive energy that was created and we shared yesterday morning at the Lagazuoi for the photo shooting was exceptional. The women that Bagus has selected, – said Katia Tafner president of Bagus – despite their unique diversity, have in common the desire to get involved, to be heard, to share laudable causes  with a typical spirit of Bagus and therefore also with a bit of lightness and enjoyment”.

Among the selected women, alongside the members of Bagus, there were those engaged in the territory within associations and institutions, such as the president of the hoteliers association Roberta Alverà, Giovanna Martinolli, president of CISV, Eleonora Cella councilor of the municipality of Auronzo for the Culture, local businesswomen, mothers representatives of schools and also the singer Annalisa Andreoli who, following the initiative, expressed her wish to work together with Bagus and support other new projects. With the shots taken at the Lagazuoi by photographer Giacomo Pompanin and made even more special thanks to the make-up artist Emanuela Antonelli, an exhibition entitled “Il cuore in testa” will be set up at the Paleontological Museum in Cortina and presented tonight. The abovementioned will travel to other Italian cities and at the end become a maxi show in Milan made by the testimonials that supported the initiative in the various locations. Bagus thanks all the women who have decided to share this new project remembering the motto of the association “Bagus – sharing good“.