Bagus Sharing Human Rights

Bagus, social promotion association,  wants to involve all the municipalities of Cadore for an initiative aimed at celebrating the World Human Rights Day held on December 10th.In 2018 falls the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations and Bagus intends to highlight the importance of this with dedicated initiatives thanks to the support and involvement of associations, authorities and institutions.

“Sharing Human Rights”has already found the collaboration of the Municipality of Auronzo di Cadore, always very active in the field of human rights, for the numerous things already done related to this topic and the support of the Magnifica Comunità di Cadore, which has already been the spokesman of the initiative within the various municipalities and has given its patronage to the event.

Now we ask the same municipalities to take action in order to optimize and enhance the initiative on the territory. With the purpose of involving the population as much as possible two programs were set up one for schools and one for citizens.

Program for schools (from kindergarten to secondary school to be held on December 10thor during the week):• Kindergarten: creation of a poster depicting all the children’s little colored handprints.
• Elementary schools: creation of a series of posters – approximately one per class – containing drawings and thoughts or phrases related to the theme “human rights”.
• Middle and high schools: writing of essays related to the “human rights” topic, differentiated by difficulty between middle and high schools.
The drawings and posters are then photographed and photos can be sent to Bagus APS email, or shared on social networks with the school name and hasthag #bagussharinghumanrights #bagusdirittiumani #baguscadoreunitoperidirittiumani.

Program for  December 9th (day anticipated as of Sunday to get more visibility and availability of people to participate):
• In all the participating municipalities of Cadore, at 10.30 am, in the main square of the village, a person among the citizens identified by the Municipality will read a short text shared on the theme of human rights.The person who will read the text will dress with a turquoise stole, as a sign of serenity.In order to draw the attention the reading will be introduced  by a tinkling of  an instrument/ cowbell or similar and by the throwing of colored powder, holly colors, completely natural, which symbolizes life and the beauty of individuals’ diversity.After reading the first text it is required the collaboration of the public to hold hands in order to form a “chain of hands” – for Bagus it is a very strong symbol, depicted also in its logo, that represents union, sharing and action – for the duration of the second reading.The entire duration of the public initiative will be about ten minutes.