“Bagus Musical Talents Award” goes to Laura Marzadori

Yesterday, on the stage of the Alexander Hall in Cortina d’Ampezzo, it was a day of big emotions for Bagus that during the Epiphany concert with the Virtuosi of Teatro alla Scala gave a special award to the concertmaster.
A real treat for Laura Marzadori who after the Ave Maria op.52 n.6 for violin and strings by Franz Schubert was invited to stay for a special moment dedicated to her.

Hence, Katia Tafner, president of Bagus, got up on stage to thank and pay tribute to Marzadori with  the “Bagus Musical Talents Award”, a crystal plaque and a parchment containing the following motivation:

“Concertmaster of Teatro alla Scala in Milan, a music talent that communicates with enthusiasm and firmness highlighting her great potential. A praiseworthy example for young people, she has obtained with determination and competence the command post in the orchestra, with the task of acting as a link between the podium and the musicians, but also between the musicians and what happens on the stage, becoming a true icon of these days. She enchants the audience with her elegance and elevates the timeless values ​​of the universal language of music”.

Katia Tafner –  president of Bagus “Our association is based on the centrality of the individual with its peculiarities. Each of us has a potential to discover and can offer something special in this world. When someone discovers his potential, and dedicates himself to it with commitment, studying and practicing, that potential becomes talent and must be recognized. We wanted to give our special welcome in Cortina to Laura Marzadori with this tribute because we are grateful for what she is able to convey with her talent”.

Laura Marzadori – concertmaster of Teatro alla Scala in Milan “I did not expect to receive this award, I’m really happy and thrilled. It’s really wonderful and the words that have been thought by Bagus for me will always remain in my heart”.

The organizers were also delighted about the success of the concert and besides obtaining a packed room they made it possible to follow the event live on canaleeuropa.tv, where spectators from all over the world were able to comment live on what was happening at Alexander Hall. Gherardo Manaigo – organiser and owner of the Hotel de la Poste “We are happy to have brought this event to Cortina and the collaboration with Bagus has underlined how active are some organizations of the territory to respond and wish to collaborate in high level events. This made even more special some moments of the evening with lots of emotions for everyone”.  We value people and their talent!