Bagus Bag in the service of Belluno County “BAGUS BAG”

The Bag that never gets old in the service of Belluno County

The association of social promotion Bagus launches a unique instrument of its kind in the field of activities of the Criminal Police which takes the name of “Bagus Bag”. A project that was made possible thanks to the great collaboration with the Police Headquarter of Belluno, in particular with the commissioner Lucio Aprile, and the Flying squad of Belluno and other police offices. There was no better opportunity to present the novelty during the 2018 Cortina Fashion Weekend, where the focus is on suggestions.
The “Bagus Bag” is, in fact, a bag that contains all the material necessary to carry out the auditions and specific police activities even outside the office environment. The “Bagus Bag” is mainly addressed to the vulnerable in society and it is a donation that the association makes to the Police Headquarter of Belluno county.
Katia Tafner– President of Bagus APS
“We decided to create a kit that would allow victims of violence to get closer to the time of the complaint as easily as possible and so “Bagus Bag” was born. It is practical, compact, discreet and reaches those in need. The data relating to the cases of violence are unfortunately increasing, but we believe that encouraging complaints can allow higher judicial protection of the offended people”.

Lucio Aprile – Commissioner
“I sincerely thank Bagus Association for its proximity and important collaboration with the State Police, which once again testifies to the attention and sensitivity of civil society for criminal police activity, in such a crucial area as the one of domestic violence and gender-based violence”.

 Vincenzo Zonno– Director of the flying squad
“I want to thank Dr. Katia Tafner not only because the bag designed and developed by BAGUS Association contains cutting-edge technological material for the activity we do every day, but because it will allow us to operate more easily in neglected contexts, different from police offices, places where the victim can feel more at ease”.

L.S. – Chief Inspector of the State Police, Head of section of crimes against persons, against children and sexually motivated crimes
“In many years of activity, it is the first time, that for my daily work they provide me with a kit including all the instrumentation for verbalization. For us it means working in the most comfortable environment possible, as it is essential that the person to be heard feels at ease: the victim must be at the center of the system, and after all the suffering incurred, it is necessary that the moment of the telling to the police is not lived as an additional source of stress and anxiety”.